Jayson Bratten

An Irish Songwriter with influences deeply rooted in Traditional Folk, Southern Rock and Grunge. From the early recordings of C.M.M.F and Sex & Propaganda to the recent release of Misery Loves Company, all contributing to the process of achieving an alternative sound.

Jayson Bratten is an Irish musician, singer and songwriter from Longford in Ireland. Jayson’s music influence and style began to develop in the mid 2000’s when he lived in Galway. While playing music in the city of the tribes, Jayson began to come into his own and develop a distinct style and sound. This was further impacted, by his years traveling to Belgium, Canada and Australia. These experiences led to what would be one of the biggest influences of his song writing. Jayson described “The more I traveled, the more people, places and stories I encountered, song writing became a way of documenting my travels and my experiences”. The eclectic mix of music and lyrical influences during this time can be seen, in his profound use of narrative and poignant lyrics in his songs. Soon after returning from traveling this outpouring of creativity resulted in his first album “Sex and Propaganda” which he released in early 2015.

Following the completion of this album, the groundbreaking Folk scene of Berlin, Germany, drew Jayson from Ireland once again. Within a short time, Jayson began to perform in a variety of venues from bars to beer festivals. These performances began to underpin his viability as a charismatic and distinctive artist. His music soon caught the interest of one of Berlin’s regional television channel s “Alex TV”. Jayson showcased his material on the hour-long hit programme INDIEAHNER - Music for your Tipi. This promoted his music even further and his popularity grew in music circles in the burrows of Berlin. After great success with his album in Germany, he decided to return to Ireland and pursue a career in his homeland.  

Since returning to Ireland in early 2016, Jayson has been promoting himself and playing in well known venues around the country, such as The Roisin Dubh, Galway, The Button Factory, Dublin and Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, as well as many local appearances around the island of Ireland. He has caught the attention of many well known radio broadcasters and has done a showcase slot on “The Green Room” with Orla Barry on Newstalk and “The Saturday Connection” with the renowned Charlie McGettigan on Shannonside FM. Charlie described Jayson’s song “Linda”; “I was very taken by his music, one song in particular, this track called Linda. What a great song, absolutely gorgeous song writing”.

In 2016 Jayson created a new collection of material. He finished his new album in late 2017 in Orphan Studios in Dublin. Jayson worked on his album with distinguished producer John Henry, who recorded material with fellow Irish artist Donol Lunny, Luka Bloom and Scottish band Simple Minds. Jayson's completed his long awaited second album "Misery Loves Company"  which was released in March 2018.

His first release, the double A side single featuring the already acclaimed and authentic “Linda” and “Listen”. The song Linda made it to the semi-finals of the international songwriting competition in Nashville, Tennessee out of 16,000 entries. A gifted song writer, Jayson has excelled at crafting a fresh sound drawing from a variety of genres and experiences. As a lyricist, these singles have tackled the social issues and emotional themes of the modern-day world. His follow up Singles "Fortune Favours The Brave & "Life According To You" were released in February 2018. His album showcases his extreme talent and there is palpable depth of feeling.

Jayson has been appearing on various radio stations in Ireland and the UK Prior to the launch date of this new single. These have ranged from Dublin South FM to LMFM to 2XS and BBC Radio Scotland in order to give listeners a taste of his new music. Iain Anderson from BBC Radio Scotland described the album as a “dark, powerful album”. Other resident DJ’s, have already given rave reviews in regards to the new single(s) and have described him as one of the breakthrough artists of 2019!

Jayson’s unique singing style, coupled with his gifted song writing has created a unique sound. This writing of raw, stripped back songs has become his trademark. He is undoubtedly one of Ireland’s hidden gems.